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Comprehending Stress Tests - Information You Need To Know

<br/> <br/> <br/>Avoiding serious times of stress tests is an area of prevention we should be knowledgeable about. A stationary bike test, or quick treadmill stress test, is in your best interest on an annual basis. Anyone that has avoided an annual medical physical, or is late in getting theirs, should contact their physician to get one done. Without regular exercise, it might be an excellent idea to do a stress test which may reveal a malady of some sort.<br/><br/>Although your physician may be tempted to treat you for suspected heart related problems, they will confirm it before treatments begin. It really depends on the situation and the method that they choose to treat you with. A catheter is usually inserted into the person to view the artery if a person is having a heart attack. Most physicians will recommend a cardiac stress test. The patient will have to do exercises to raise their heart rate. A not so serious symptom, angina, is experienced by many people. Doctors simply want to get some images of the veins and arteries as well as the heart. Once you do a stress test, the results will confirm or deny whether or not you have a heart condition. Your cardiovascular system, which also means your heart, is similar to a mechanical process. The pump is represented by your heart which http://jasonorrobinson.fotopages.com/?entry=7950962 moves blood through the plumbing, represented by arteries, veins and vessels. Measuring blood flow becomes vital because if there are blockages or constraints, this will reduce the amount of blood that can flow at one time. The dual-isotope stress test or the nuclear stress test measure the flow of blood and also monitor it. Doctors can watch how blood flows and your heartbeat in real time with the help of imaging equipment. When the blood is restricted, the heart will react and not beat in the normal fashion.<br/><br/>When a doctor needs a clear image of your heart, you may be given isotopes which are radioactive chemicals. The chemicals are injected into the bloodstream, then the doctors use imaging equipment. What happens with radioactivity is it emits light which is really energy. The flow of your blood, both in and out of your heart, can be seen because of the illumination of the blood in your body. Blocks or restrictions to blood flow can actually seen by doctors as well. It will show them exactly how your heart is pumping the blood. Your heart is actually a very specialized pump, and its efficiency can be measured in many different ways. Some people have concerns about receiving radioactive injections for a nuclear stress test. This is an understandable concern even though the dosage is very low. Radioactive exposure annual limits apply to all people in this case. Alternatives are available. Just tell your physician and they will tell you what else you can do.

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